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Home Bar

Because your home should be just as fashionable as you, there’s nothing like a distinguished home bar. We like the timelessness and rugged appeal of this Gunning Box Bar. Fill it with your favorite single malt scotches and something a little milder for your guests and you have the perfect way to host your next impromptu get-together.

Gunning Box Bar

Gunning Box Bar

BUY IT Gunning Box Bar $870


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Emergency Disposable Cufflinks

Never be caught without cufflinks again. These ingenious one-time use cufflinks come in a pack of six to store at the office or in the car for any french cuff emergency. Anyone stuck in this situation know these will pay back themselves after one saved disaster.

Emergency Cuff Links

Emergency Cuff Links

Emergency Cuff Links $17

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Your New Portable Razor

For those of you that travel often, or even those that are tired of buying new blades for your handheld razor. Here is a cool new gadget from Braun. This battery operated, self-contained, ultra-portable marvel has earned rave reviews from amazon and is worthy of adding to your travel kit, because unintentional scruff is never in fashion.

This review is what sold us:

This bad boy is really awesome. I kid you not. I had to live out of a suitcase for approximately forty days a little less than a year ago. Since I was in transit and my previous shaver had more or less run itself down, I opted insetad to buy this puppy. Thinking, naturally, that if it lasted me a month it will have still been a sound investment as it was priced so incredibly low.

That was ten months ago.

I use it every day.

Every. Day.

And have changed the batteries once.

Ten months. Every day. One battery swap.

That is all.

Braun Pocketgo P70 Shaver

Braun Pocketgo P70 Shaver

Braun Pocketgo P70 Shaver $20

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Your new everyday shoe

These suede boots add a touch of casual flair to your jean and shirt combo’s. Made in Italy, the MacAlister boots feature a rubber sole so they are sure to be as comfortable as they look. Rock them with a pair of light colored jeans and a v-neck shirt during the day or some navy jeans and a blazer at night. Get them in dark brown if you want to dress them up a bit.

Suede MacAlister boots

Suede MacAlister boots

MacAlister Boots, J. Crew $135


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If you haven’t already- Buy a pair of Cap toe Shoes

They are business essentials. If you don’t have a pair, you need to invest in one. Keyword INVEST. These shoes, if taken care of properly, will last you the rest of you life so get a pair worth wearing. We like cap toes for two reasons.

1.) They crease behind the cap.

2.) The double folded leather on the cap never wrinkles because of reason #1

Because of this, they look new forever and never need more than a shine and an occasional resole.

You can also buy them with toe medallions or brogued leather, but those diminish the formality and are less appropriate for black tie events like funerals. So put away some money in your nike shoe box and save up for a pair of cap toes from a quality brand. Your coworkers won’t notice, but your boss’ boss will.


Bally Cap Toe Oxfords

Bally Cap Toe Oxfords

Bally Oxfords $930


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Summer is Around the Corner

Summer is around the corner so it’s time to step up your boat shoe game. We’re big fans of Sperry Gold Cups, for a few reasons-

1. They have a Vibram Sole which never wears down

2. They have a triple density memory foam which molds to your feet like a Tempur-Pedic Bed

3. They are lined with deerskin which wicks away sweat and moisture

4. They just look great.

Click on the link above for more designs and the ridiculous $1,000 Crocodile version. The venetians below are great because they slip on easy and don’t wrinkle like the other versions do. Wait for them to go on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale around Father’s Day and pick them up for just over a Franklin.


Sperry Gold Cups

Sperry Gold Cups

Sperry Gold Cups. $170

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Sunglasses. Make an instant impact on your look.

The quickest upgrade to your overall look will always be sunglasses. They make you look like a movie star, hide your ugly mug, and prevent squinty eye syndrome. They look just as good with a suit as they do on the beach, and with summer approaching fast, there’s no better time to invest in a quality pair. We prefer aviators, but just get a pair that frames your face well. We prefer gold for the summer as it matches the whites and earth tone colors of summer better, but you can never go wrong with black or silver.


David Yurman "Buckle" Sunglasses

David Yurman "Buckle" Sunglasses

We like these elegant aviators as they aren’t too flashy with logos and brands slapped on the side of, but the trademark twist on the temple makes it unmistakably Yurman. Available in both silver and gold.

P.S.- Never wear them inside.  You’ll look like a douche. No excuses.

David Yurman ‘Buckle’ Aviator Sunglasses $695 Nordstrom

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