10 Quick Rules of Men’s Fashion

Clairborne Suit

Claiborne Suit

1.) Your clothes should fit. They should flatter your figure. Period.

2.) Never buy anything before you try it on.

3.) $Suit=Shoes=Watch/10=Ties x10= Shirts x6= Briefcase/10= Jeans x2= $Belt

4.) Everything should match, ask your girlfriend if you need to.

5.) Everything should be clean and pressed or at least ironed.

6.) Take care of your clothes, you can’t build a wardrobe if you ruin everything you own.

7.) How much something costs= Price/ How many times you wore it.

A pair of $200 jeans worn 100 times is cheaper than a pair of $40 jeans collecting dust in your closet.

8.) Spending $30 getting a shirt tailored to fit perfectly is worth more than buying a new $50 shirt that doesn’t.

9.) Remember what gets complimented. Buy more similar items.

10.) Buy what’s always been in fashion, not what’s currently in style.

If you follow these quick 10 rules, you should make an immediate change to how you buy your clothes, take care of the ones you already own, and wear everything with authority and confidence.

Suit, $296, by Claiborne by John Bartlett. Shirt, $80, by Brooks Brothers. Tie, $140, by Aquascutum London. Pocket square by Dion by Peter Tsihlias.



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3 responses to “10 Quick Rules of Men’s Fashion

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  2. bob

    whilst i agree with many of the statements above, mixing two different check patterns with stripes is just abhorrent… change the photo!

  3. 4hautespot

    Thank you for the comment.

    The photo was placed more to show that a great suit doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars, than a fine example of matching patterns.

    On second look, the outfit does appear a bit busy, but we like the uniqueness of the outfit and applaud the boldness that created this outfit.

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