Brown is the New Black

If you’ve been stuck wearing the same dull box-toe black shoes with all your shirt and tie combos it’s time for an upgrade. I recommend a round toed shoe, but instead of going for black this time, get a little riskier and buy a nice pair of chocolate brown shoes. They are more versatile than black, look phenomenal with almost any color suit-especially navy, hold a shine better than black shoes, and can dress up a pair of fitted jeans with a nice blazer. Pair it with a matching gold buckled belt and your grandfather’s watch and you will look timeless and modern in the same breath.


Allen Edmond "Weybridge" Oxford

Allen Edmond "Weybridge" Oxford

Allen Edmond “Weybridge” Oxford $325



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4 responses to “Brown is the New Black

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  2. Nice! I have the AE Dryden, a very similar shoe.

    • 4hautespot

      We love Allen Edmond. They have some of the most well-constructed shoes we have ever seen. And their customer service is phenomenal.

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