Your new everyday shoe

These suede boots add a touch of casual flair to your jean and shirt combo’s. Made in Italy, the MacAlister boots feature a rubber sole so they are sure to be as comfortable as they look. Rock them with a pair of light colored jeans and a v-neck shirt during the day or some navy jeans and a blazer at night. Get them in dark brown if you want to dress them up a bit.

Suede MacAlister boots

Suede MacAlister boots

MacAlister Boots, J. Crew $135



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2 responses to “Your new everyday shoe

  1. Aldhin

    I love ’em!!! They look a lil bit like Ugg boots for women, but this version is manlier obviously, but still very appealing 😀 love love

  2. 4hautespot

    They’re very rugged and look even better with jeans. Personally, I prefer the dark version because its dressier, but this camel colored one is great for everyday use. Thanks for your comment.

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