Your New Portable Razor

For those of you that travel often, or even those that are tired of buying new blades for your handheld razor. Here is a cool new gadget from Braun. This battery operated, self-contained, ultra-portable marvel has earned rave reviews from amazon and is worthy of adding to your travel kit, because unintentional scruff is never in fashion.

This review is what sold us:

This bad boy is really awesome. I kid you not. I had to live out of a suitcase for approximately forty days a little less than a year ago. Since I was in transit and my previous shaver had more or less run itself down, I opted insetad to buy this puppy. Thinking, naturally, that if it lasted me a month it will have still been a sound investment as it was priced so incredibly low.

That was ten months ago.

I use it every day.

Every. Day.

And have changed the batteries once.

Ten months. Every day. One battery swap.

That is all.

Braun Pocketgo P70 Shaver

Braun Pocketgo P70 Shaver

Braun Pocketgo P70 Shaver $20


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