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Jeans and Blazer Upgrade



Just because you’re wearing jeans and blazer does not mean you look good. If it looks like you borrowed your dad’s jacket, and are still wearing the same jeans you wore in high school then it’s time you change the way you shop. If you haven’t already followed our advice make sure everything you wear is slimmer and form-flattering.

If nothing is form flattering for you– then you’re probably fat-lose weight.

When you wear a button-down and blazer you need to get a shirt that fits well. Only a sliver of shirt cuff should show near your wrists. This means the shirt must fit you slim as well. No more bunching at the waist. That gives you the appearance of love handles even if you have a 6-pack.

Lose the baggy shirts Soulja Boi

Lose the baggy shirts Soulja Boi

Also square-toe shoes are never in fashion. They are the PT Cruisers of the fashion world. Never cool, but their owners are oblivious.

Next, the blazer. Make sure blazers hug your shoulders, and get a tailor to take it in at the waist and arms.

Jeans that are meant to go out should be dark. Hell, all your jeans should be dark. Opt for a dark navy with no crazy designs. We like Rock and Republic for their simple elegance and the lack of a douche bag stigma associated with True Religion. Make sure they fit you like your khakis do. Snug but not 80’s metal tight. If I can count the coins in your pocket- use them to call a tailor.

Spring for a nice pair- even if they’re $200 bucks. If you wear them 50 times over the next four years, they’ll be cheaper than that $60 dollar shirt sitting in your closet for that past five. Remember fashion rule number seven.

You follow this simple advice, you’ll walk on water next time you go out.

Unshakably Confident

Unshakably Confident

Save the jumping for Kobe though.

Blazer, $2,025, and jeans, $450, by Dolce & Gabbana. Shirt, $168, by Steven Alan. Shoes, $820, by Church’s.



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Fight Night Round 4- A flop?

Like any blue-blooded American, we were as excited for Fight Night Round 4 as the next guy. We got a hold of it last night for $60, and our initial impression- slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I notice, and appreciate the added realism.

Reach plays a greater role and make every fighter feel different. Speed and power is noticeable from one fighter to the next. The physics engine, that made certain movements in Round 3 unrealistically fast, has been cleaned up. But for some reason I feel like they not only improved what was “bad” about the last version, but scrapped everything that was good about Round 3 too.


Knockouts were easier to come by, you now have to fight at least 5 rounds to get one. Counter punches were much easier to execute. Even something as small as an entrance sequence, we found ourselves missing.

But what we found the most aggrivating was the fact that they got rid of our favorite configuration 3 that used buttons instead of the cumbersome analog control to throw punch. Sure it prevents us from button-mashing. But if button-mashing is what we want to do then let us do it. At least give us the option. I can understand making us use the joysticks for  harder punches and haymakers, but to cram this system down our throat is a big mistake and hurts the franchise.

We get it, this video game is more real then Round 3. But at what expense? What’s next? I get pulled over every time I run a red light in GTA, or killed every time I get shot once in Call of Duty. Sometimes things are better left unrealistic for the sake of enjoyment. We will be returning this game, and although we will miss playing as Ali or Tyson, we’ll enjoy the fun of Round 3 a lot more.

It’s a solid game- but we recommend you rent before you buy. Just in case you agree with us.

BUY IT Fight Night Round 4 $60


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Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver

No matter if you’re pushing, slicing, fading, hooking, pulling, or drawing, this driver will have your shot fixed in no time. The Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver($300), available in a traditional round head or square-shape (shown), gives you eight different head positions in one club, letting you adjust face angle, lie angle, and loft for dramatically improved ball flight. The shaft on the STR8-FIT is Nike’s UST Proforce AXIV Core, which features a strengthening core material for greater impact and faster swings.


The driver also features a new 360° grip design for any grasp. Our Nike SQ Dymo Squared STR8-FIT definitely added several yards to our used-to-be-pathetic drives the first time we took it out. (It’s also making the TaylorMade R9 look a little wimpy.) But don’t take our word for it — Nike STR8-FIT technology has already won at Augusta.


BUY IT Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver

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Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whisky Decanter

Any self-respecting gentlemen keeps his whisky in a decanter (whisky for scottish, whiskey for american). It helps to release the aromas and delicacies of finer whisky. It also looks great in the corner of your office on top of your home bar. At this price point, there’s no reason to toss your MaCallan bottle aside and opt for this beautfully decorated decanter set.

Whisky Decanter

Heavy and sturdy, this glass set holds it’s own against deceptively expensive $1,000 decanters. Toss the matching glasses though and replace them with a brandy snifter, sip it at room temperature and revel in the joy of charred barrel aging.

BUY IT Bormioli Rocco Whisky Decanter Set $21.50

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How to get into any club

There’s nothing more embarrassing then showing up to a club and getting rejected at the door. Or so we hear, it’s never actually happened to us at THS.

You can’t dress up like a DJ every night, or can you? Well now you can learn from the pros on how to get into any nightclub.

Bring girls

No bouncer wants to let in 5 guys out for a night of dancing. It ruins the ratio inside the club, makes him look like a chump, and there are way more beautiful women outside that he will surely pick over you. So do yourself a favor and bring girls with you, even if they’re just friends. Keep the ratio at least 1:1 and push to the front of the crowd. No bouncer is going to pick you to get in, if you’re all the way in the back.

Hail Mary: So you’re in the parking lot and it resembles your 4 on 4 flag football game with blazers- chat up the group of girls in the parking lot and ask them which club they’re going to. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll let you tag along all the way inside of the club. Leave them alone once you get in though- groups of girls in clubs are just looking to dance- none of them are going to get with you. That won’t stop the millions of other guys in the club from trying though.

Get on the list

Learn who the head promoter is. Every club now has a million flyer boys who have no pull, and couldn’t get Michael Jackson into the club if they dragged him in (too soon?). So go up the chain of command, and find out who runs the promotion for the night- he’s usually the guy with 4000 friends on his facebook and no real friends in real life. At the very least find out who’s running the door, what he looks like, and call on him by name. Point to the girls you’re with and escort everyone in your group into the club.

Dress Appropriately

Read our other articles

Divide and Conquer

Sometimes, you have to just split up. It’s a lot easier letting in 2 guys, than it is 5.

Arrive Early

It’s a lot better to be waiting inside of a club for 45 minutes, than it is to be waiting outside for 15. No-one cares that you show up fashionably late. Also, there’s probably open bar- take advantage.

If all else fails- buy a bottle

Buying a bottle is probably one of the biggest wastes of money known to man. If you know a promoter well enough, he’ll probably give you one for free. Or if you’re crafty enough, you can sneak one in your back pocket and sip from it in the bathroom.

But it will do one thing– get you, and all your boys inside. Split the cost so you regret it less at the end of the night when you realize clubs aren’t that cool anyway.


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Gerber LMF II Black Infantry Knife

Every self-respecting man deserves a knife he can depend his life on. If the Zombie Apocalypse struck tomorrow, you know that with your one trusty knife, you could camp out in the woods, for days-even weeks, until Will Smith fashions a cure. We loved the Gerber LMF II when it was $140 bucks, but now at $70, there’s no reason not to buy it. Even if the only jungle you’ll ever see is that monstrosity you look at every time you’re in the bathroom.


Go to amazon if you want to hear all the gritty details and some reviews from real men in Iraq who use this knife on the daily, including one sniper team that cut a live wire with this bad boy. It shut down the lights in the city, left a gash in the blade, but the sniper suffered no electrical shock because of the insulated handle.

It has a steel butt on the handle to hammer glass for helicopter escapes (something we at THS do daily), an aggressive serrated blade for cutting brush and rope, and three holes in the handle so you can attach it to a pole and use it as a spear for catch fish, fighting boar, and preforming your best John Locke impression.

As if that wasn’t enough it has a carbine sharpener in the sheath, so it sharpens the blade every time you pull it out. This knife is always ready for action, even if you aren’t

BUY IT Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife $69

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How to Shine your Shoes- Properly

“Shoes are the first thing people notice.”

This cliché is arguably the most overused fashion advice when it comes to men. Despite this, men often neglect the choice and care of their footwear. The longevity and beauty of a man’s shoes is first determined by the quality of the shoe itself. However, once a quality shoe is acquired, proper care must be administered to ensure not only that the beauty of the shoe is enhanced, but the life of the shoe is extended.


Choosing a quality shoe:

Contrary to popular belief it does not take 400 dollars plus to purchase a quality bench-crafted Italian made shoe. At rare times these shoes are discounted anywhere for 20-50% allowing you, the consumer, to build an impressive collection at a fraction of the cost. Develop a relationship with your local shoe salesman and you’ll never pay full price again. Choose a shoe from a reputable brand with a leather sole and attractive shape (never square toe or thick rubber soled) and you’ll be on your way to starting your shoe collection. Additionally a leather sole molds to your foot, and becomes increasingly glove like over time. Install toe taps in your shoes approximately six-twelve months after purchasing to help further reduce wear on your shoes.


Caring for the Shoe:

Congratulations! You’ve just made a substantial step in improving your wardrobe. One of the simplest but often most unappreciated step is using full cedar shoe trees. Inserting them while your shoes are still sweaty is crucial to removing excess perspiration from the leather before it gets absorbed. Sweat is acidic which breaks down the leather thus making it softer and more susceptible to wrinkling. If you wear oxfords often, make sure you have a selection to cycle through to avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row. Shoe trees require a day to fully cure the leather and wearing a shoe the following day can shorten the life of a shoe drastically and create additional premature wrinkles in the leather. When the shoe tree gets old and loses its aromatic properties just rub it down with smooth grit sandpaper to rejuvenate its properties. This step alone will improve the life and beauty of the shoe by several years.

Shoe-treesShining Your Shoes:

Nothing is more impressive than a freshly shined pair of shoes. Shined shoes not only look great but they repel scuffs better. For this reason I always recommend to shine a brand new pair of shoes before you even wear them. This way if you scrape the shoe, you only scuff the polish and not the leather.

Saddle Soap:

This is the first step in shining your new shoes. This removes any old dust, wax, polish, and residue from the leather giving you a clean slate to work with. Applying polish over polish diminishes the shine and clogs the leather. Use a small horse hair applicator; lather the soap using a circular motion and water. Be very generous and get the leather extremely soapy. Avoid using on light colored shoes as this is a harsh product and will strip some colors. As with all products, apply on one shoe then apply on the other shoe before wiping the soap off both shoes with an old t-shirt or cloth in the same order.

Fiebings Saddle Soap

Leather Lotion:

Wax-less Leather Care or Leather Lotion is one of the most beneficial products to leather on the market today. It moisturizes and rejuvenates the color of leather shoes. People often forget that leather is a skin and needs moisture to retain its vigor. Use this product generously and often, even in-between shines, to help prolong the life of your upper shoe. Apply this product with an old t-shirt or even your fingers and allow it to air dry into the leather.


Shoe Polish:

Now that the leather is clean and primed it is ready to accept the shoe polish. Always test the color on the tongue or another inconspicuous spot to ensure a match of color. Apply in a circular motion with an old t-shirt, applicator, or finger to the shoe starting from the front and working your way completely around the shoe. Remove the laces if necessary and ensure you coat the entire shoe in a light film of polish. Allow the polish to dry to a haze while you polish the other shoe. Use a large horse hair brush to remove the haze from the first shoe, and work your way from the front to the back. Pay close attention to the toe and heel as this is the most noticed parts of a shoe. The longer your brush the shoe, the shinier it will get so brush until you get the desired effect.

Wax Polish:

If you want to achieve an even more impressive shine, using a solid wax polish is the best way to achieve a mirror shine. Never use liquid wax as this dries out leather and causes it to crack. Ignite the wax block on fire, or use the heat from your finger to soften the paste and apply with your finger in a circular motion. Use sparingly as wax polish dries quick. Apply in a circular motion in the same manner as the shoe polish and buff away. Once again the longer you brush the shinier the shoe will get. Some leathers will marbleize if you use a rag to wipe down the leather after your finished buffing it. Then again sometimes the shine smears if you try to use a rag. It comes with experience and you can truly enhance the shine by using a shine rag to buff the leather after your finished brushing it.


Edge Dressing:

The icing on the cake, edge dressing, colors in the sides of your leather soles to make them look brand new. Truly a step that should not be missed, edge dressing, makes a shoe look better than brand new. Edge dressing can also be used to color in deep scuff marks that polish or wax can’t cover up. Edge dressing is completely optional however, and does not affect the longevity of the shoe. Regardless of the steps you take, by now the shine should be mirror bright and impressive enough for any corporate meeting.


If there is one category in your wardrobe worth investing in, it’s your footwear. If you take care of your feet, they will take care of you. Both in terms of comfort and in corporate clout. Your friends will never understand-or even notice the quality footwear completing your outfit, but your boss’ boss will.


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