How to wear and tie a bowtie

The ultimate paradox in fashion- the bowtie. Nothing looks more laid-back and aloof when worn casually, and nothing exudes more class when worn formally. Us at THS frown upon wearing a bowtie casually unless your nickname is abuelo, but we highly recommend– no we INSIST you wear one at all formal functions. Match it with a two button suit or tuxedo depending on the dress code and take the night by storm.

The trick is to twist and tweak until finished. Bow ties look best when slightly imperfect. Too much symmetry is unnatural. You want people to see that its not pre-tied.

Oh and untie it as the night is winding down. As good as a bowtie looks tied, it looks even better untied draped over an open collar.

bow tie untied

handgun optional


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