The Beer God Himself would drink.


Chimay Blue is probably one of the better parts of going to an over-priced lounge filled with downtown hipsters and euro-trash. It’s probably one of the best beers in existence and, get this, it’s made by monks. Belgian Trappist monks to be exact, and these God-fearing, beatific brewsters know exactly what they are doing. Chimay Blue, my personal favorite out of all the Chimay products, is one hell of beer. It has a copper-brown color and a creamy head, with various notes of peppery and fruity flavors. At 9% abv, this is not a beer for chugging, or even drinking out of the bottle. You gotta pour this baby into a gourmet glass and then soak in the ambiance of this glorious ale. Great for dinner parties or for being the classiest guy at the bar.



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2 responses to “The Beer God Himself would drink.

  1. Jeff Sacks

    I love that beer. Good choice

  2. 4hautespot

    Thank you.

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