Zeke’s Roadhouse


Zeke’s is probably one of my favorite things about Lincoln Road, besides the beautiful South American girls. It’s a beer garden, which mean that it’s chock full crazy imports and micro brews. At $3-$4 a beer, get adventurous, lose the Corona and the Heineken. Try a Spanish Hamburg or a chocolate beer. Seriously, with over 300 beers from around the world, this is the type of place beer aficionados dream about.

Get there early and snag a table outside, because it gets packed early. And I mean PACKED, seriously this place is really popular with the locals and with tourists. Another bummer is it’s cash only policy, which puts a dent in the plans of people like me, who like to imagine their drinking binges as good credit accumulating. It’s right by Pizza Rustica, so grab a slice, buy a beer, and people watch the hell out of Lincoln road.

Zeke’s Roadhouse 625 Lincoln Rd Miami BeachFL 33139


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