Gerber LMF II Black Infantry Knife

Every self-respecting man deserves a knife he can depend his life on. If the Zombie Apocalypse struck tomorrow, you know that with your one trusty knife, you could camp out in the woods, for days-even weeks, until Will Smith fashions a cure. We loved the Gerber LMF II when it was $140 bucks, but now at $70, there’s no reason not to buy it. Even if the only jungle you’ll ever see is that monstrosity you look at every time you’re in the bathroom.


Go to amazon if you want to hear all the gritty details and some reviews from real men in Iraq who use this knife on the daily, including one sniper team that cut a live wire with this bad boy. It shut down the lights in the city, left a gash in the blade, but the sniper suffered no electrical shock because of the insulated handle.

It has a steel butt on the handle to hammer glass for helicopter escapes (something we at THS do daily), an aggressive serrated blade for cutting brush and rope, and three holes in the handle so you can attach it to a pole and use it as a spear for catch fish, fighting boar, and preforming your best John Locke impression.

As if that wasn’t enough it has a carbine sharpener in the sheath, so it sharpens the blade every time you pull it out. This knife is always ready for action, even if you aren’t

BUY IT Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife $69


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