How to get into any club

There’s nothing more embarrassing then showing up to a club and getting rejected at the door. Or so we hear, it’s never actually happened to us at THS.

You can’t dress up like a DJ every night, or can you? Well now you can learn from the pros on how to get into any nightclub.

Bring girls

No bouncer wants to let in 5 guys out for a night of dancing. It ruins the ratio inside the club, makes him look like a chump, and there are way more beautiful women outside that he will surely pick over you. So do yourself a favor and bring girls with you, even if they’re just friends. Keep the ratio at least 1:1 and push to the front of the crowd. No bouncer is going to pick you to get in, if you’re all the way in the back.

Hail Mary: So you’re in the parking lot and it resembles your 4 on 4 flag football game with blazers- chat up the group of girls in the parking lot and ask them which club they’re going to. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll let you tag along all the way inside of the club. Leave them alone once you get in though- groups of girls in clubs are just looking to dance- none of them are going to get with you. That won’t stop the millions of other guys in the club from trying though.

Get on the list

Learn who the head promoter is. Every club now has a million flyer boys who have no pull, and couldn’t get Michael Jackson into the club if they dragged him in (too soon?). So go up the chain of command, and find out who runs the promotion for the night- he’s usually the guy with 4000 friends on his facebook and no real friends in real life. At the very least find out who’s running the door, what he looks like, and call on him by name. Point to the girls you’re with and escort everyone in your group into the club.

Dress Appropriately

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Divide and Conquer

Sometimes, you have to just split up. It’s a lot easier letting in 2 guys, than it is 5.

Arrive Early

It’s a lot better to be waiting inside of a club for 45 minutes, than it is to be waiting outside for 15. No-one cares that you show up fashionably late. Also, there’s probably open bar- take advantage.

If all else fails- buy a bottle

Buying a bottle is probably one of the biggest wastes of money known to man. If you know a promoter well enough, he’ll probably give you one for free. Or if you’re crafty enough, you can sneak one in your back pocket and sip from it in the bathroom.

But it will do one thing– get you, and all your boys inside. Split the cost so you regret it less at the end of the night when you realize clubs aren’t that cool anyway.



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3 responses to “How to get into any club

  1. Allen Chan

    Great Article. I wish I knew this back when I used to go out.

  2. 4hautespot

    Thank you.

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