Fight Night Round 4- A flop?

Like any blue-blooded American, we were as excited for Fight Night Round 4 as the next guy. We got a hold of it last night for $60, and our initial impression- slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I notice, and appreciate the added realism.

Reach plays a greater role and make every fighter feel different. Speed and power is noticeable from one fighter to the next. The physics engine, that made certain movements in Round 3 unrealistically fast, has been cleaned up. But for some reason I feel like they not only improved what was “bad” about the last version, but scrapped everything that was good about Round 3 too.


Knockouts were easier to come by, you now have to fight at least 5 rounds to get one. Counter punches were much easier to execute. Even something as small as an entrance sequence, we found ourselves missing.

But what we found the most aggrivating was the fact that they got rid of our favorite configuration 3 that used buttons instead of the cumbersome analog control to throw punch. Sure it prevents us from button-mashing. But if button-mashing is what we want to do then let us do it. At least give us the option. I can understand making us use the joysticks for  harder punches and haymakers, but to cram this system down our throat is a big mistake and hurts the franchise.

We get it, this video game is more real then Round 3. But at what expense? What’s next? I get pulled over every time I run a red light in GTA, or killed every time I get shot once in Call of Duty. Sometimes things are better left unrealistic for the sake of enjoyment. We will be returning this game, and although we will miss playing as Ali or Tyson, we’ll enjoy the fun of Round 3 a lot more.

It’s a solid game- but we recommend you rent before you buy. Just in case you agree with us.

BUY IT Fight Night Round 4 $60



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7 responses to “Fight Night Round 4- A flop?

  1. I didn’t even know you could remap the controls on FNR3 until this weekend. I was always playing it with Total Punch Control.

    There’s just a learning curve with it, but once you get it down you will be able to control your boxer with more fluidity. I like it.

    Despite its reputation, boxing is a very strategic sport. The realism and tactics in FNR4 are what make it stand above other boxing games.

    If you want to mash buttons, you’re doing it wrong. I played online with a guy last night who did nothing but punch. Constantly. Without discretion. He tired himself out and I split his cheek open and the ref called the fight.

  2. 4hautespot

    Thank you for your reply. You bring up many valid points.

    The fact that you just learned about the alternate controls proves that you’ve had a long time to get accustomed to the new configuration. For the weekend gamer, time is sparse to come by. We like games where you don’t even need to think about the controls and almost feel connected to the game. In fact this feeling is what any great game designer aims for.

    The mashing buttons term was actually just an expression. The best players time their punches for maximum damage, and conserve their stamina. But to force me to do ungodly motions with the joy sticks to pull off an uppercut only to screw up and pop a jab is unnecessarily frustrating. Pressing B+Y together was much easier to execute.

    We commend you for learning the analog system, and surely you will be at an advantage against everyone else learning the system for the first time with this game. Good look in your online play and we hope you beat all your opponents. Unfortunately, we will not be one of them.
    -The Haute Spot

  3. That is a good point. I did learn Round 3 using the thumbstick… and it was difficult at the time. But when I picked up Round 4 I was already accustomed to it.

    Wasn’t it the default control scheme in Round 3? It must have been because I never alter control configurations in games.

    I agree 100% on preferring controls that seem to be a natural extension of your hand. Honestly, after getting used to the thumbstick I feel it is an ideal scheme for boxing. It doesn’t take that long to figure them out. You can throw like 6 different punches with one button!

    But you may be in luck anyways. I have heard a rumor that EA was getting a lot of feedback of complaints similar to yours. They said they MIGHT release some sort of patch to allow your preferred controller scheme.

  4. 4hautespot

    Yeah it wasn’t the default setting, you had to change it- I believe it was configuration 3. Try it out, you might like it.

    Yeah I heard the same thing, that a lot of people were complaining. Hopefully they fix it soon.

  5. Unfortunately I sold R3 long ago. I got tired of the game, and was always defeated by the few friends I have who were patient enough to play it with me.

    One of those friends did come by last weekend to give R4 a shot. He was dismayed they didn’t have the alternate controls, that’s how I found out about them. He still beat me.

    But even if I did, I’m sure I would find learning the buttons as difficult as you find learning the thumbstick. Different Strokes.

    I just hope they decide to allow the control scheme before you return the game so you can give it a second shot. Usually when I get a game to review I don’t play it much after I write the review. With this one I still have a hankering to play.

  6. Your prayers have been answered:

    “The depth and variety of new content we have planned this summer is going to make one of the most critically acclaimed games on the market even better,” said senior producer, Dean Richards. “Among the new content in development, our new button control scheme will give fans a choice for how they want to throw punches in the game. We strongly believe that the refined Total Punch Control is the most intuitive way to throw punches in Fight Night Round 4, but we also want fans of the franchise to have an option.”

  7. 4hautespot

    Wow Thanks!

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