Smelling like a Champ, Vintage style.


This should be the cologne of choice for any discriminating man of taste. Vintage by John Varvatos is probably one of the best colognes out there right now. It has a complex aroma, containing notes from a variety of different scents, some of the clear notes being the rhubarb, tobacco, leather, and the fir balsam. It’s also an almost guaranteed lady killer.

I really like it because it’s one of the few colognes that doesn’t have to be overly citrus or sharp while still being very crisp and clear. It has a spicy and smoky smell that you don’t really encounter much and gives a definite masculine feel. I plan on wearing it all the time before every Joe Q starts catching on and playing it out like they did Aqua di Gio, the original lady killer.



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3 responses to “Smelling like a Champ, Vintage style.

  1. Gents, I went to get a sample of this Cologne, I can contest it truly a lady killer.John has a new one out that smells great!!!

  2. Calvin”s back, John Varvatos new Mens colonge is ” Artisan” I personally tried it Great! more citrus, and my personal favorite Aramis. D@G has some new one that are allready out in some stores.I am checking it out, I’ll be back.

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