Thinking Pink

These shorts are exactly the type of shorts that should be worn at the beach. This particular pair is a pink seersucker swimshort by Paul Smith. These pink and white shorts have an elasticated drawstring waist band and two front pockets with one back zip fasten pocket. These shorts also have mesh lining, which I’ve never really understood the purpose for, but more is good I guess. The shorts are 55% polyester, 45% cotton lining 100% polyester. They are, of course, machine washable.
To be honest, I usually almost never think pink. Which is to say, that yeah sometimes pink is an option for me, rare that occasion may be. These shorts though, they make the magic happen. The simplicity of these shorts is what makes them so perfect. Board shorts can be tricky, with something that looks good in the shop looking completely different when it’s wet. I have a particular hatred for gaudy board shorts, the same hatred I have for gaudy Hawaiian Shirts. The subtle colors and design of these shorts really make it manageable, equally pleasing in both the day and night. The colors are also neutral enough to set off any shade of skin color. Get em, wet em, and then tell me if they don’t make the grade.


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