Wearing lighter color socks

There is a saying that a man’s socks should be the same color as his trousers but a bit darker. Well, when no complementary colored hose are available a pair that is the color of the trousers will do. Just. But I prefer to see them somewhat lighter than the trousers rather than darker.

Lighter socks

That is because the eye slides over darker socks to focus on the shoes. That same eye stops at lighter colored socks, and focuses on the combination of trousers, socks and shoes. Which ought to be considerably more interesting.

Wear lighter colored socks.

A Suitable Wardrobe



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4 responses to “Wearing lighter color socks

  1. Cutie Souter

    Very true. But why not go all the way and opt for coloured socks like Jon Snow on Channel 4 news? A sock idol to be sure, the man never disappoints.


  2. clarke thomas

    I’ve always like how the Europeans, primarily English, can be quite bespoke in their dark pinstripes & then wear bright colored socks.

  3. 4hautespot

    If you have to be conservative in 99% of your outfit, the surprising pop of color in your socks is a welcomed surprise.

    It’s true the English pull this off fantastically.

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