Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila


If you have an extra $740 lying around (and honestly, who doesn’t?) then spring for the beautifully decorated Burdeos Tequila from Patron. This isn’t your typical Anejo (aged over a year) tequila.

Distilled from the finest blue agave, this ultra-premium dark tequila is matured in a blend of American and French oak barrels and aged for a minimum of 12 months. It’s then distilled again in vintage Bordeaux barrels from France. Each unleaded crystal bottle comes in a black walnut box with a special corkscrew and a crystal bee stopper.

The whole package looks almost too good to drink. Let us know how it tastes, because this bad boy is going to sit court-side center at our bar, and unless Frank Sinatra is coming over, no-ones getting a sip.

Oh and don’t make margaritas with it either, you sip anejo tequila neat or on the rocks.

BUY IT Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila $740


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