Michael Capponi Launches Mondrian Hotel Bayside Brunch and Pool Party

I know it seems like we are favoring the Mondrian here in Miami, but man are they coming up with some good stuff. Despite it’s beautiful weather, women, and beaches, Miami has yet to solidify a stellar pool party. We saw glimpses of hope last year at the Shore Club run by legendary South Beach Promoter Hassan, but unfortunately, word got out fast and the crowd went from European to Euro-trash in a matter of months.


Well it’s been almost a year and we finally a have a new contender– Launching this Sunday, July 19th is Mondrian Sundays at Asia de Cuba thrown by Miami Super-mogul Michael Capponi.

Watch as people arrive by boat or Ferrari while you bask in this beautiful paradise we call Miami. Complete with bayside pool, oversized cabana beds with privacy shades for bottle service, red victorian era furniture backdropped against gigantic white couches perfect for you and all your friends.

The brunch begins within the indoor dining room and spills out onto the sun-kissed patio deck. This party haven comes complete with a state-of the art sound system and live DJ to make sure the champagne sipping women will have something to dance to ( you will, of course, be what they dance with).

So bring your swimsuit, aviators, and your abs that you’ve been working on all year for (right?) and enjoy the closest thing to a Jay-Z video you will ever experience. That is of course unless you are Jay-Z, in which case- let’s talk.

On the all-you-can-eat menu: Asian Style Cured Salmon With Avocado Crème Fraiche, homemade Guava PastelitosHuevos y Bacalao (poached eggs on salt cod cakes), Grilled Mojo Rubbed 12 oz. Strip Steak With Miso Poached Eggs, and dessert-table treats like Lemongrass Flan and Café con Leche Cheesecake.

RSVP HERE, 1100 West Ave Miami Beach, Fl 33139

Sundays starting July 19, 12pm-12am, buffet $42 served until 4pm

EDIT: Apparently, this party is very calm. It’s more St. Tropez than Ibiza. While stationed in a beautiful location, noone was dancing, rather preferring to lay out and soak up the sun. Were not saying this is bad, just don’t expect to see “Rehab” of Miami.

EDIT: Show up early (12:15ish) and find metered parking because the valet is $24. Once you get in though, the service is unbelievable. We were treated like royalty.

You can reserve a seat for a $40 consumption fee which basically means you have to spend $40 worth of food and drinks- which shouldn’t be too hard considering how delicious the food and drinks look. Or you can just try and sit down on one when noone is looking. It’s still empty enough that you can get away with that. 

There was still no party, but it was a great alternative to drinking sun at the beach.



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