Learn to go Tieless

The trick with going tieless is making it seem like you don’t need a tie, not that you forgot one. In order to pull of this look you’ll need a two button suit (or one button if you think you can pull it off). Three button suits are for middle-managment and ESPN anchors. Wear it without a tie and risk looking boxy and sloppy. Two button suits on the other hand are little more modern, hip, and playful so you can rock the suit sans tie.

Next you’ll need to accessorize. If your jacket has a pocket, put something in it. And try to stay from Cuff links because they are difficult to pull off due to their formality so unless you’re Jason Stratham, or you’ve got a bow-tie hanging loose to match I’d stick to button sleeves.

Next, and most important is a fitted shirt with a STIFF collar. There’s nothing worse than a limp collar  hiding behind your jacket lapel. Make sure your collar stays upright and the shirt stays tight around your stomach ( you don’t need to look like you have a gut when you’ve been working so hard to get rid of it, right?). For the money, Express’s 1MX shirts are remarkably good at behaving and will work in a pinch.

And remember that none of this stuff matters if you don’t get clothes that fit.

Well Done Sir

Well Done Sir

Looks like Jason has been reading The Haute Spot recently.

Suit, $1,595, and shirt, $270, by Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, $550, by Allen-Edmonds Seven. Pocket square by Robert Talbott. Briefcase by Hermès.



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