Polo Player cuff links


Cufflinks are to shirts what salt is to foodstuffs, the subtle little kick needed to make something perfect. As in all things, I usually tend to keep it simple. I hate ostentatious clothes and accessories, so these Ralph Lauren cuff links are just right, baby bear style. There isn’t a whole bunch of variety in formal wear for men, suits usually being different variations of the same design. Cuff links are a subtle way to artfully add some more color and presence to one’s person when attending formal events like galas, charity balls, weddings, and other things of that ilk.

I really like the simple design and how the black contrasts with the silver so well. The silver is sterling and the black material is carefully carved lacquer. I love the iconic image of the polo player, which is a classic icon, something I remember from my childhood when Ralph Lauren was at the top of their game. The high polished shine gives off an aura of elegance. These are the types of cuff links that will have you looking like a perfectly poised gentleman. These bad boys retail for around $225.

Buy them here.



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2 responses to “Polo Player cuff links

  1. Will Gregors

    How much are they? How come on some posts you guys put prices on other you don’t?

    • martinbalerdi

      Sorry Will, they retail for around $225. As for your other questions, I hate to admit it but it’s just carelessness. I’ve edited the post to include the price and we’ll try to not let it happen again.

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