Scrap that sound


I hate noise pollution, it’s one of my biggest peeves. I hate trying to go to sleep with some crazy din roaring about my ears or trying to read a book in a park and a dozen toddlers pop out of nowhere, screaming like flaming planes. I used to try and drown out all these types of excess noise with music from my ipod, but this is a second-rate solution at best. Ear Plugs are the way to go, I had an aviation mechanic friend give me a pair once and I’ve realized since that this is the best way to block out unwanted noise. Which opens up whole new doors, such as sleeping on a commercial flight without wanting to strangle a baby, not waking up to construction site noises and cursing life, being able to sleep around snoring people, reading a book without having to remind yourself that you are in a library and breaking faces is more disruptive than whispering teenagers. The satisfaction of simplicity.

Granted, I’ve had my own mixed experiences with ear plugs, the old school orange foam ones that are a mission and half to put in your ear and another mission to keep them there. Then there’s also the new modern plastics one that you have to twist to get into your ear.645450 I am more inclined to the old school versions, just because I prefer foam in my ears than plastic. The ear plugs in the picture below are the advanced NRR 34 high blocking Ear Plugs, from World’s Finest Ear Plugs, which kick ass. personalfamilypack
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2 responses to “Scrap that sound

  1. Jason Green

    I absolutely love earplugs. They’re the solution to a noisy morning.

  2. martinbalerdi

    I have to totally agree. I don’t how many times they’ve saved me from a blowing an artery in the morning.

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