Cashmere Sweaters


I really enjoy wearing sweaters, they are just such a versatile piece of clothing to have in one’s wardrobe. You might be thinking that sweaters are a strictly autumn/fall choice, but follow the right rules in wearing sweaters and they become seasonless; namely you wear woolens in the winter and cotton in the summer. Cashmere, though, can be worn year-round, just one of the many factors that make this fabric choice supreme. Cashmere is a wool fiber obtained from domestic Cashmere goats. It is strong, light, very soft to the touch, and fine in texture. Cashmere can provide maximum worth for minimum bulk, which is always a plus, especially when you consider that cashmere can get on the pricey side. That being said, the quality of the product is definitely worth the price. You can literally feel the difference between the quality of cashmere wool and and the runner-ups.

A good cashmere sweater is a great way to make a statement at a whole plethora of places. You can wear at the office over a button down shirt and some slacks, hell you can use that same ensemble on a date. You can put over a tee and some jeans if you are going someplace casual and want to stand out but not in a douchy I-wear-blazers-all-the-time way. You can get a v-neck and use it to set off a shirt underneath, if you are one of those guys that likes to layer their clothing all the time. I prefer solid color sweaters and like to keep the colors dark and neutral. Black, like the Burberry pull-over pictured above, is a great choice for someone who has never owned a cashmere since you can match it with more colors and get more bang for your buck. Please, I beg of you, don’t get some gaudy paisley-monster sweater, or worse, this black and white gucci nightmare.
Get a nice burberry cashmere here for $395.00



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3 responses to “Cashmere Sweaters

  1. 4hautespot

    haha “douchey I wear blazers all the time”

  2. thecosbykid

    I’m definitely digging the second sweater. Good design.

    • martinbalerdi

      I just think it’s too ostentatious for a cashmere. I would like the design more if it was for a hoodie or a tee.

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