Flip Mino HD Camera

(Make sure to click the HD button on the bottom right corner to get the full experience)

According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit increases substantially fast- namely doubling every eighteen months. What this basically means is that technology grows at an exponential rate, and if you do the math, we possess only 1% of the technology we will have in 10 years. Which makes sense considering 10 years ago we barely had HD anything, and now we hold the ability to record 60 minutes of the stuff for about $200.

flip-hd2Introducing the Flip Mino HD Camera. We love this little guy. Pictures are fun, but there’s nothing like video to relive moments. The fact that it shoots in HD makes it even sweeter. You get 2 hours of battery life and 4 Gigs of space which allows you shoot up to an hour of video, or you can skip out on the HD and get a whopping 2 hours of video. Use it for your amateur films or your amateur “home videos” ;). Whatever you use this on, you’re sure to have a good time with it.

minohd-blackJust stay safe, and remember it’s not waterproof lol.

BUY IT Flip Mino HD $230



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2 responses to “Flip Mino HD Camera

  1. Emma O

    I own one and I absolutely love it! Very practical and produces great images.

    • 4hautespot

      Thank you for the comment. We love it too. We can’t wait for them to come out with a shockproof/waterproof version. That will make our day.

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