Men’s Pajama Lounge Shorts

Look we love Pajamas as the next guy. They look great. They keep us warm. They hold our essentials when lounging around the house.


But, lets be honest here (we’re all friends), they are worse to sleep with than Sarah Jessica Parker. They bunch up on your legs. They overheat. They shift. We’ve been ditching them for a tank top and boxer-briefs for years. Until Now

image1xlIntroducing, the pajama shorts. They work just as good at keeping our body warm without overheating, they store your valuables, and best of all, you can actually sleep with them. We personally wear black ones from Perry Ellis but any cotton drawstring shorts will work. Think of them as the linen pants of the couch surfer. Pair them with your favorite pair of flippy floppies, and you are once again king of your castle.

Oh and make sure you empty your pockets before bed time.

BUY IT Calvin Klein $30


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