Sunglasses even I would wear at night

vazatak (small)

I love these sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith. I know I was just talking about sunglasses the other day, but these are truly worth mentioning in their own right. They are limited editions and are the result of a collaboration between Oliver Goldsmith and Aseef Vaza. If both these names sound unfamiliar, well sit back and learn. OG is possibly one of the best luxury goods makers and also one of the most stylish makers of sunglasses. Vaza is a luxury leather goods designer and is notorious for creating limited edition products. This is their bastard child.

The Vazatak is made up of vintage acetate called Bengal Blue. Looking at those colors, the name seems appropriate. It looks like if someone wear to capture a space tiger, render their bones into acetate, and then make sunglasses out of them. I love it. The frames are designed after the TAK, which was originally designed back in 1969. To sweeten the deal, you get them with a beautiful VAZA-designed pouch made out of ostrich leather. These are glasses I would take almost anywhere. There is a limited amount of them and they usually retail for around $1500 to $1600.


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