Mercedes Benz E-Class

Like a beautiful woman without an attitude, a luxury car that isn’t too gaudy is difficult to find. It’s for this reason we love the new Mercedes Benz E-Class.


We’ve always though the E-Class to be an undervalued brand.Never too flashy on the outside but wrapped in luxury on the inside. However with the new introduction on the 9th generation E-Class, the brand has acquired some much deserved upgrades and a revamped moniker.


Coming in several different packages and interior accommodations, we have personally fallen in love with the Coupe.


Go to Mercedes-Benz’s site to see a beautiful photography set highlighting the collection.

00:01 seconds into the commercial above

00:01 seconds into the commercial above

Or for a more interesting post, see Benz try to explain why there’s a manufacturor error display in thier commercial here.

BUY IT Mercedes-Benz 2010 E-Class Starting at $49,000


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