Bask in this flask


This is the Classic Flask by Dalvey, one out of their line of outdoor flasks. I’m no drunkard, but I can be something of a lush. Flasks are great for taking small quantities of booze from one locale to another in a very inconspicuous manner. With the Classic Flask, you are doing it with the utmost style and class. I don’t condone drunk driving but this is great item to have for street fairs, picnics, concerts, or a day at the beach. It’s also to share a nip with the fellas whenever you find yourself at a babyshower or birthday party and the hardest stuff they have is arbor mist. And despite what those old school Arbor Mist commercials would have you believe, no real man anywhere will lift a finger for Arbor Mist.

I love the look of this thing. It is precision engineered in the stainless steel and then it’s hand-polished to a mirror finish which is easily maintained. I love the choice of stainless steel, because stainless steel is not only a material that is extremely durable, it also won’t add any flavor of a metallic taint. The contours of the flask are elegant and simple, making it easy to visualize this as a true gentleman’s accessory. I would fill this only with a high-quality liquor, something like a good quality scotch whiskey or brandy. They retail for around $49(35 euros to be exact).

Go get one here.


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