Sign with style


For jotting down notes and things like that, I suppose any old ball point will do. I suppose any old pen would work fine for any situation that involves writing and signing. I also suppose that I could wear a sack cloth instead of clothes and I’d be just as protected from the elements. I’d also look like a grade-A douche. This is the difference between owning a regular pen and a luxury fountain pen, the difference between a sackcloth and a blazer. I suggest this great fountain pen by Aspinal of London. Having a nice fountain pen in one’s office, or on one’s person, help make a good impression on others. People will take you more seriously if they see that you have a beautiful and functional pen reserved for signing the more important documents. These pens also make great gifts for any occasion, be it congratulations for an accomplishment, a birthday, or as a retirement gift to serve as an employers token of appreciation.

This Aspinal Century Fountain Pen is a large Gents pen, simultaneously modern and nostalgic. It is in fully hallmarked sterling silver in a barley design. It also has a panel for engraving, which makes this pen ideal as a gift or as a more personalized possession. It can be used with either normal cartridges or you can purchase a converter system. As with other Aspinal products, quality is guaranteed and the pen comes in an Aspinal signature presentation box. The pen goes for $220.

Get one of the bad boys here.


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