Apple’s New Tablet Computer

It’s no secret that Apple plans to come out with a tablet computer sometime by the end of the year. A simple google search will yield hundreds of legitimate results. What we know is that the tablet will be somewhere between seven to ten inches and aimed at web browsing, note taking, email, and digital media. It will fill the void between the iPod Touch and Macbook line. Both in terms of performance and price point. Speculated to sell between $500-$700 dollars, this item is sure to be very popular come Christmas time. We don’t know how useful it will be, but it’s nice that Apple is attempting to compete with the new Net-book trend. And the theorized photo’s don’t look so bad either.


That’s still no excuse to look at that in public.

EDIT: Recent rumors have priced the tablet at $900 and due to be released next year. It will also boast an 8-10 inch OLED screen.


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