Golf for $4 at PGA Doral Resort?!?! What a discount.

doral_lmonsterHome the Blue Monster, several PGA tournaments, and some of the most beautiful courses on the planet, the Doral golf resort is the stuff of legends. Unfortunately, it also comes with a price tag to match ($200+). So like that guy who knows all the hook-ups, we at THS are going to spill the goods on how we golf there for $4. 

DoralGreatWhite18_bigNow we must warn you. This technique isn’t for everyone. It requires a certain Je Ne Sais Qua of a man who is unshakably confident and able to “act the part.” But we have been doing it for years and have only been caught once, and that’s only because we were being reckless (see below).

overviewOk so here’s what you do.

1.) Drive  and park your car in guest parking ($4 for two hours and the only time you will use your wallet). 

2.) Walk over to the golf carts and strap up your golf bag and drive off. If there’s an attendant there just ask “Grab any cart?” and they’ll always respond “Yes Sir, any cart you’d like.” 

3.) Cart yourself over to the driving range. In most golf courses, you have to pay for a bucket of practice balls, but when you’re paying an absorbent amount of money just for a round, Doral throws in the practice balls for free. Every tee will have a giant bucket filled to the brim with golf balls. Feel free to use as many as you’d like while you warm up, and hell if you’re feeling extra bold, stuff a few into your club covers for later. 


4.) When you’re done warming up, drive onto the course and find a hole that isn’t being used. Word of advice, stay away from the Blue Monster, because not only will it swallow most of your balls, you’re more likely to get caught. We personally use the Red Course as it’s considered the “Kiddie Course” (still world class standards) but it is less closely monitored. Stay away from hole 1 and 10 as they are the closest to the club house (how we got busted).

5.) If you do get caught, act innocent, foreign, stupid and say “Oh we just moved into the neighborhood and thought we could just grab a cart and go.” They’ll just scold you lightly for your feigned stupidity and let you drive your cart back for booking. Where you can just walk back to your car laughing that you just enjoyed one of the best courses in the world for under a lincoln. 

Just in case: If they ask for your address say “We just moved, I haven’t even memorized it yet.” 

And thats it gentlemen. Bring a 12 pack of beer, your favorite stogie, and live the good life. 


You’re welcome.


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