Alfa Romeo 8C GTA


Some cars may try their damndest to imitate, but all fall far short of the Alpha Romeo 8C Competizione. In fact, the only thing that could possibly touch the powerful grace of the 8C must come directly from Alpha Romeo itself. Rumors and snippets of information have been flying on an upcoming 8C GTA to be released next March in Geneva. The GTA will incorporate a variety of carbon fiber upgrades to cut 300 pounds off the standard 8C’s weight. When combined with a new ECU and some other under-the-hood tinkering, the GTA is expected to pump well over 500 horses out of its 4.7-liter V8. Performance should be pushed close to the defining sub-4, 200 range. Car aficionados are so enthused about this upcoming release that they’re creating wild speculations as to its looks. So take a deep sigh of relief because that’s what that white-lipped monstrosity in the picture is all about (courtesy of the UK’s Auto Express). Thankfully, the only actual white mouths are ours as we wait for glimpse of the real deal. In the meantime, enjoy some sexy shots of the 8C after the break. [via AutoBlog]-Via


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