Johnston and Murphy Matheson Wingtip Shoes


Didn’t we tell you that a great pair of shoes didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For instance, check out these gorgeous Italian made wingtips with a classic medallion toe. Constructed out of brown calf and suede leathers, these are too casual for the office, but will instantly give your weekend look a touch of “old school cool.”

A man that wears these shoes is the kind of man that wears argyle socks. Probably has a library card. Returns phone calls in a timely manner. Smells clean like the woods. Has neat penmanship. Calls his grandmother at least once a week just to say hi. Can sew a button onto a shirt, if need be. Returns calls in a timely manner. Had a zine in high school and/or a blog now. Has created at least one piece of artwork on his bedroom walls. Writes songs on his acoustic guitar. Knows how to drive stick shift cars. Never kisses and tells. Will make you dinner on your third date. Wears v-neck sweaters. Listens to rap music while he does housework. Appreciates a good scotch. Has a cool brother. Has smoked a cigar and/or a pipe at some point. Owns a shoe shine kit. Likes British sit-coms. In other words, he’s probably a pretty cool guy. 

You have to dress for the life you want. Not the life you have. At $130 bucks, these shoes seem like a good place to start.

BUY IT Johnston and Murphy Matheson Wingtip Shoes $130


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