Salvatore Ferragamo Cosmopolitan Briefcase

salvatore-ferragamo-briefcaseYour watch, your shoes, your belt. Your briefcase. At the office there are very few items that can make you stand out from the crowd. Unlike women, men are stuck wearing the standard office suit and same boring “power” tie combinations or risk looking foolish. So for the few items that can set you apart and solidify your individuality–splurge.

Now I know you’re going to grimace when you see the price, but when you consider the fact that no other item in your wardrobe will get brought with you to the office more than your briefcase, you deserve a quality item. Remember rule number 7.

This slim attache from Ferragamo will do the trick. Solid, subtle, sexy, just the way your cologne should be. But when people get close, everyone notices.

Dress for the job you want. Not the job you have. Your coworkers won’t really appreciate your subtle upgrade in style, but that CEO on the top floor (probably the only other guy who recognizes the finger things in life) will.

BUY IT Ferragamo Cosmopolitan Briefcase $1,600


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