The Facebook for the ultra rich

If you’ve been on Facebook lately and noticed your friends don’t have as many default pictures with white tigers as you’d like? Have you begun to notice than not everyone gets personal wall posts by Dennis Rodman. In other words, are your friends on Facebook not as rich as you’d like them. Introducing


The Facebook for the ultra rich. Membership is free and includes invitation to the most exclusive parties you’ve never heard of. Priority access to the top restaurants, hotels, and of course, nightclubs. And the ability to network with some of the most influential people around the world. It’s a phenomenal concept and one that is undoubtedly receiving a lot of buzz and over 500 applicants a day.


Unfortunately less than 1% of applicants get accepted because you need to demonstrate a yearly income over $300,000, a net worth over $3 million, or personal invitation from 5 other members (the easiest way to get in). In other words, it’s a little trickier than signing up for the real Facebook.

We’ll see you on the inside if you get in.

Thanks to Rodrigo Duarte for the tip.


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