Power tie for the classy man.


Ties are a great way to set off a dress shirt, add a little more spice or presence to your person. They can also make you look like a douchy clown who got pelted with melted crayons. Sometimes, I feel, some guys just have no idea that the tie they are wearing is taking away attention from the rest of their attire. You don’t want to wear colors that seem to be visual equivalent to a scream. There has to be some correlation between this and the fact that men are more susceptible to color-blindness. Of course, we might never know if men are buying bad ties because they can’t see the colors or are the colors burning out the retinas of men? Who knows, chicken and the egg.

This Jacquard silk tie by Gucci is exactly the type of tie men should be buying. The colors are soft and perfect for adding some subtle presence, coming in both the above-pictured silver one and a much darker blue one. The design is great too, with the renowned double G symbol that often adorns Gucci products and some tiny dots. This type of tie is great for almost all occasions. It is equally at home in the office, at weddings, brunch, lunch, or at a formal evening party.

BUY IT Gucci Jacquard Tie $180



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3 responses to “Power tie for the classy man.

  1. Trey

    I disagree with both points on this tie; it is neither a ‘power tie’, nor is it ‘classy.’

    While the colors may be elegant, the silver tones don’t really speak to a strong business tie; but for the weddings & evening events you mention, the monochrome would be perfect.

    The real killer is the logo. It’s great if you’re being sponsored by Gucci. The need to advertise, even ‘subtly,’ is not classy; it’s gauche.

    • martinbalerdi

      I guess we are just going have to disagree and chalk it up to a difference in taste. I think that the way the logo is setup being small with the little stylized dots is very reminiscent of paiselys and I don’t find the fact that they used their logo as a garish blunder since it doesn’t really call much attention to itself and doesn’t detract from the look of the tie. On the former point, I would wear a silver tie to work, I would wear this one, but maybe thats just me.

      • Trey

        Its not that silver isn’t appropriate for work, or even that silver isn’t a downright smart look at the office (see Roger Sterling in Mad Men); it’s just that silver isn’t a *power* tie at work, as the post originally suggested.

        As to the logo as ‘paisley’ – one can make an arguement for that. But it’s still a logo. I’m not (nor are traditional dictates of good taste) a fan of brand promotion ON better men’s dress wear.

        Different strokes, different folks, all that.

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