It’s the end of the world and I feel great.

La Fin Du Monde is another great beer made in the trappist style. Its a Belgian-style triple fermentation golden ale. It is produced in Quebec, Canada by the Unibroue brewery. It’s a multiple winner of several different medals of excellence, which barely gives credit to the immense satisfaction one can derive from consuming such divine nectar.

It’s name is French for “The end of the world” and is a play on the belief ancient explorers had that upon reaching North America they had, in fact, reached the end of the world. Reflecting on this, and more importanly, on the fact that this is ale has 9% ABV, I find the name fitting as hell. Twelve of these bad boys would end your world with a quickness and intensity worthy of the apocalypse.

One great point is that unlike more standard triple ales, La Fin Du Monde is less bitter and more spicy, with notes of coriander and orange peel, giving this beer a great taste with a strong personality. It goes great with food one would normally consume alongside red or white wines. I also like to pair it with some fine cheeses or a fruit-based dessert. Most specialty beer purveyors and beer gardens carry it and it isn’t relatively hard to find. I would totally make the effort and poke around for it.


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