2 Minute Home Workout for Maximum Results

My goal

My goal

Look we get it. You’re tired. You don’t have time for the gym. You work all day. Fast food is a lot easier than packing a lunch. We know it’s difficult to stay in shape.

You get out of college and hit the real world and suddenly a gym is not 4 minutes from your bed, and you have to be at a desk all day. So you let the pounds slowly pack on.

You don’t really notice it. It’s kind of like that phenomena where nothing changes day-to-day, but looking back everything is different.

If you pack on just 1 pound a month, in 2 years you will be nearly 25 pounds fatter. Your gut will sag over your belt, your health will diminish, you will need to buy new clothes, and your sex life will decline- it’s not a pretty path. So what do you do?

Stop trying to go to the gym after work, you’re exhausted, and you need to pack your clothes and it just won’t work. Working out in the morning is your best bet because it wakes you up, stimulates your metabolism, and gives you energy throughout the day.

But who has time to wake up earlier to go to the gym? So you workout at home, before you shower and eat breakfast. You can do some P90x if you’re brave, hit it hard with a few pull ups, push-ups, and sit-ups with your iron gym, or you can try this 2 minute calorie blasting home workout. We have yet to try it, but can feel the energy rushing through us and our tired bed head eyes waking up after preforming this three times a week.

A slim waist, broad shoulders, and toned arms sure beats a gut and double chin. You can keep going down the path you’re going, or wake up and smell the iron. [Hat tip]


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