Gordon Rush royal-blue suede chukka boot


These chukka boots are vibrant and eye-catching. I really love this royal blue suede, it totally sells the shoe for me. This is some classy casual wear, something I would sport at a lunch at a nice restaurant or at party with at friends. Really, you can take these feet crowns pretty much anywhere.

I’d take them to the bar because they are sure to catch the attention of the women folk(they can spot shoes and color like an eagle spots injured rabbits.), but with my luck I know some douche is going to spill his drink on them. And then I’d stomp his face in and blood really does a number on royal blue suede.

They are really fresh take on chukka boots, a little modern and with an innovative use of color. These are a fresh way to add a little more color to your spring wardrobe. Your best bet is to pair them with cropped, cuffed khakis or slim/straight denim.

$495, Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., NYC, (212) 753-4000

Or get them here.


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