Yves Saint Laurent blue corduroy shorts


These shorts are just phenomenal. I love the color blue and I love the fact that YSL made these corduroy shorts such a bright blue. Blue is the type of color typically reserved for shirts, sweaters, and the rest of their ilk. You don’t see many people wearing pants done in bright colors. Well, I guess you could say you do, but I’m purposefully excluding every hipster douche and indie princess that haunt the downtown areas and thrift shops of our nation’s great cities.

Human refuse aside, I think these shorts are perfect for casual outings, especially to beach locales or out on the boat. I’m probably biased since I frequent South Beach all the time and many of my casual clothing purchases usually reflect on that choice of locale. Every man should really get a pair of corduroy shorts, they will outlast your denim ones stitch for stitch.

They go for $575

Jeffrey New York, 449 W. 14th St., New York, (212) 206-3928,
Get them here.


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