Advertisement Rates

Ad Specifications and Rates

Advertising rates are based on impressions. An impression occurs each time THS’s Sitemeter

software records a visitor to THS during a campaign. Ad rates are expressed as Cost per

Thousand visitors; in other words a Skyscraper ad with a CPM of $12 costs $1,200 per month for

100,000 visitors.

THS accepts most IAB standard ad sizes:

Name                           Size                         CPM                 Monthly

Square Button      125 by 125 pixels               $ 6                     $600

Rectangle              180 by 150 pixels               $ 9                     $900

Skyscraper            120 by 600 pixels              $12                    $1,200

Wide Skyscraper   160 by 600 pixels              $12                    $1,200

Banner                    468 by 60 pixels                $ 9                      $ 900

Preferred placement locations require a minimum six month commitment and are subject to


The advertiser is responsible for supplying a link to a jpg or gif format file hosted on the

advertiser’s server, and a click-through link to a landing page on the advertiser’s web site.

Animated GIF banners should be files smaller than 50KB, with animations shorter than 15


Please read the advertising terms and conditions before applying for an ad

Advertising Terms and Conditions


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