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Salvatore Ferragamo Cosmopolitan Briefcase

salvatore-ferragamo-briefcaseYour watch, your shoes, your belt. Your briefcase. At the office there are very few items that can make you stand out from the crowd. Unlike women, men are stuck wearing the standard office suit and same boring “power” tie combinations or risk looking foolish. So for the few items that can set you apart and solidify your individuality–splurge.

Now I know you’re going to grimace when you see the price, but when you consider the fact that no other item in your wardrobe will get brought with you to the office more than your briefcase, you deserve a quality item. Remember rule number 7.

This slim attache from Ferragamo will do the trick. Solid, subtle, sexy, just the way your cologne should be. But when people get close, everyone notices.

Dress for the job you want. Not the job you have. Your coworkers won’t really appreciate your subtle upgrade in style, but that CEO on the top floor (probably the only other guy who recognizes the finger things in life) will.

BUY IT Ferragamo Cosmopolitan Briefcase $1,600


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Not Croc, Still Rocks


These wallets are a mock-croc print on leather by Braun Buffel, a committed producer of quality leather goods. The wallet is made using the “brush off & tone” treatment technique, an innovative technique that gives the leather a different feel from the mock-croc leather produced with any other process. The 6CC & ID 381W Croc may not be the most attention-grabbing moniker, in fact it sounds more like a robots identification tag, but the wallets aesthetics speak for themselves. The colors are stylishly done matte with a slight sheen gloss, elegant but not too showy. This is the type of wallet Crocodile Dundee would have carried around, if anyone in the Outback had cash that is.

This wallet symbolizes how man can kill any other living thing, make using it’s tanned skin for leather products a trend, then use our superior intellect to make the actual animal obsolete. That’s right, the crocodile, in so much in it’s importance to the leather industry, is now obsolete. Crocodiles now need to keep their heads down and let us take their women. I want to go to a crocodile run restaurant and when it’s time to pay, whip out my wallet and hear the silverware drop. This wallet is also practical since it has plenty of room for cash and cards. It comes with six credit card slots, two multi-purpose slots, two billfold compartments, and one window compartment. The wallet is manufactured in Germany and comes with a Braun Buffel card of authenticity. They usually retail for about $140.00.

Get one here.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bag by Bill Amberg Studios


Iconic whiskey makers Johnnie Walker have teamed up with the leather craftsmen at Bill Amber Studio to create a limited edition bag collection. The centerpiece of the line is the “Weekender” (pictured above), a duffel handcrafted in dark navy calf and saddle leather with perforated detailing. The bag also comes with a removable carrier designed to carry a bottle of Johnnie Walker which is also included with the bag. Link: $280-$1,980


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Paul Smith Laptop Sleeve

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd of plain macbook sleeves, then look no further than the new Paul Smith Laptop Sleeve. This beautiful sleeve resembles a nostalgic package from the past that has seen as much travel as your companion.Paul Smith laptop sleeve

With the ingenious collage of postcards, love letters, and messages to mom, this sleeve is sure to make a statement. Lined with purple velvet and shock absorbent interior, this bag is sure to be as functional as it is stylish.

Paul Smith Laptop SleeveBUY IT Paul Smith Laptop Sleeve $130

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2UNFOLD Convertible Bag


The last time we had this type of envy for a bag was a Prada briefcase in 2008. Made in Italy this rugged rucksack is ingenously designed to convert into 8 different styles- from a backpack, to a messenger bag, to a laptop clutch in seconds. With a calf-grain hand-tanned and hand-finished leather exterior and reversable purple velvet interior, this bag is sure to follow you wherever you go.

2UNFOLD12_SMALLWith a shock absorbant laptop sleeve, several pockets, and nooks this bag is perfect for your books, or your macbook.



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