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A gator-covered incinerator.


Check out this new addition to the highly popular line of turbo lighters from Dunhill.  The Turbo Matt Black Alligator Lighter. Any guy who smokes, be it cigarettes or cigars, knows that a great lighter can really make a great impression on someone else.

When a lady friend asks you to light her cigarette, usually they are very impressed when you light it with a regular Zippo instead of a run of the mill Bic lighter.Now imagine what would happen if you lit her smoke with one of these bad boys from Dunhill?

That’s right, a hand job on the spot.

The palladium construction on this thing is top notch but it is that black alligator jacket that really makes this a beautiful piece and sure to be an heirloom in your family for years to come. That is until your slacker son starts using to smoke that reefer. Hippie.

BUY IT Dunhill Turbo Matt Gator Skin Lighter $710


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Filed under Gadgets The Facebook for the ultra rich

If you’ve been on Facebook lately and noticed your friends don’t have as many default pictures with white tigers as you’d like? Have you begun to notice than not everyone gets personal wall posts by Dennis Rodman. In other words, are your friends on Facebook not as rich as you’d like them. Introducing


The Facebook for the ultra rich. Membership is free and includes invitation to the most exclusive parties you’ve never heard of. Priority access to the top restaurants, hotels, and of course, nightclubs. And the ability to network with some of the most influential people around the world. It’s a phenomenal concept and one that is undoubtedly receiving a lot of buzz and over 500 applicants a day.


Unfortunately less than 1% of applicants get accepted because you need to demonstrate a yearly income over $300,000, a net worth over $3 million, or personal invitation from 5 other members (the easiest way to get in). In other words, it’s a little trickier than signing up for the real Facebook.

We’ll see you on the inside if you get in.

Thanks to Rodrigo Duarte for the tip.

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Apple’s New Tablet Computer

It’s no secret that Apple plans to come out with a tablet computer sometime by the end of the year. A simple google search will yield hundreds of legitimate results. What we know is that the tablet will be somewhere between seven to ten inches and aimed at web browsing, note taking, email, and digital media. It will fill the void between the iPod Touch and Macbook line. Both in terms of performance and price point. Speculated to sell between $500-$700 dollars, this item is sure to be very popular come Christmas time. We don’t know how useful it will be, but it’s nice that Apple is attempting to compete with the new Net-book trend. And the theorized photo’s don’t look so bad either.


That’s still no excuse to look at that in public.

EDIT: Recent rumors have priced the tablet at $900 and due to be released next year. It will also boast an 8-10 inch OLED screen.

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Dalvey World Traveller Clock


The World Traveller Clock from Dalvey is a great little gadget for the gentleman on the go. It is like the bastard child of a pocket watch and a wallet and raised in a monastery of alarm clocks. t folds neatly into a pocket and features a quality Japanese quartz movement, 12 hour repeat alarm with a single two minute snooze, second time zone hand, a power reserve indication, day and date display and hours and a separate second hand, which is revealed by simply preessing down a button on the side of the watch. It has a satin metallic face and fine Italian leather casing. It’s pretty compact too, which really facilitates the easiness of the clock’s transport; you could literally carry it in your pocket everywhere. When closed, the World Traveller Clock measures 2 inches (5.3 cm) wide, 2 1/2 inches (6.3 cm) tall, 7.8 inch (2 cm) thick, and weighs just 3.8 ounces (107 grams). The diameter of the face measures 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm).

I just love that it has a second time zone hand, that way you can always know what time it is back home when you are calling. That is so perfect for calling at irregular hours and then pretending it was an honest mistake, genius. The power reserve indicator is pretty neat too, since a dead clock can ruin a carefully planned itinerary. This is the type of clock that is equally at home on a series of extended business trips or for just touring around some nation’s countryside. The satin metallic face and beautiful leather casing are elegant, but not too showy. This make a great gift for father’s day, birthdays, or for yourself. They go for about $222.

Get one here.

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Sign with style


For jotting down notes and things like that, I suppose any old ball point will do. I suppose any old pen would work fine for any situation that involves writing and signing. I also suppose that I could wear a sack cloth instead of clothes and I’d be just as protected from the elements. I’d also look like a grade-A douche. This is the difference between owning a regular pen and a luxury fountain pen, the difference between a sackcloth and a blazer. I suggest this great fountain pen by Aspinal of London. Having a nice fountain pen in one’s office, or on one’s person, help make a good impression on others. People will take you more seriously if they see that you have a beautiful and functional pen reserved for signing the more important documents. These pens also make great gifts for any occasion, be it congratulations for an accomplishment, a birthday, or as a retirement gift to serve as an employers token of appreciation.

This Aspinal Century Fountain Pen is a large Gents pen, simultaneously modern and nostalgic. It is in fully hallmarked sterling silver in a barley design. It also has a panel for engraving, which makes this pen ideal as a gift or as a more personalized possession. It can be used with either normal cartridges or you can purchase a converter system. As with other Aspinal products, quality is guaranteed and the pen comes in an Aspinal signature presentation box. The pen goes for $220.

Get one of the bad boys here.

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Bask in this flask


This is the Classic Flask by Dalvey, one out of their line of outdoor flasks. I’m no drunkard, but I can be something of a lush. Flasks are great for taking small quantities of booze from one locale to another in a very inconspicuous manner. With the Classic Flask, you are doing it with the utmost style and class. I don’t condone drunk driving but this is great item to have for street fairs, picnics, concerts, or a day at the beach. It’s also to share a nip with the fellas whenever you find yourself at a babyshower or birthday party and the hardest stuff they have is arbor mist. And despite what those old school Arbor Mist commercials would have you believe, no real man anywhere will lift a finger for Arbor Mist.

I love the look of this thing. It is precision engineered in the stainless steel and then it’s hand-polished to a mirror finish which is easily maintained. I love the choice of stainless steel, because stainless steel is not only a material that is extremely durable, it also won’t add any flavor of a metallic taint. The contours of the flask are elegant and simple, making it easy to visualize this as a true gentleman’s accessory. I would fill this only with a high-quality liquor, something like a good quality scotch whiskey or brandy. They retail for around $49(35 euros to be exact).

Go get one here.

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Cheetah GPSmirror


Outsmart your local speed and red-light cameras with the Cheetah GPSmirror ($250). Packing a built-in GPS that checks through a massive database of enforcement cameras throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, the GPSmirror also offers voice, tone, and visual alerts, advisory speed limit announcements, a GPS-based speedometer display with compass, and the ability to give you your GPS coordinates should you need to call for help. [via]-Uncrate

Great for those that live in states that outlaw radar jammers.

BUY IT Cheetah GPSmirror $250

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