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$24.5 Million Dollar Coral Gables Estate

Right in the heart of Miami, lies a house that resembles an oasis more than manor. Playing off the theme of water, this estate is ocean-front,  moat wrapped, and pool speckled.


A brand new, tropically themed manor just southwest of Miami, this Coral Gables mega-estate is more resort than mere residence. Water is the main attraction to the 16,400 square-foot home, which is oceanfront and surrounded by swimming pools, chlorinated lagoons and splashing water features. Construction on the 7-bed/7-bath home was completed this year, outfitted with Asian-themed and open beam interior spaces. The $24.5 million, two-story home has two staff rooms, a sprawling master suite with a safe room and a four-car garage. Outside, the home is surrounded by lush gardens and multiple courtyard spaces for entertaining and taking in the South Florida sun. –STYLE CRAVE


Scoop it up before me and all my friends chip in and buy it.

coral-gables-estate3That is assuming we don’t get distracted.


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Rowland’s $50,000 Ripple Table

Lee J Rowland is an aerospace engineer who makes really, really cool furniture on the side. His Ripple series of tables are made from chrome plated steel using 3D CNC machining. (Via Awesomer)

ripple tableBUY IT Rowland’s Ripple Table $50,000

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