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Small Bar Basics.


There are tons of way to impress guests when entertaining in one’s home. You can show off the old big screen, flat or otherwise. You can always cash in cool points on having a good collection of pretty much anything that doesn’t make you seem like a pre-teen trapped in an adult’s body. So knives, books, art, and furniture are a yes; baseball cards, model planes or cars, and comic books are a big resounding no. You keep the comic books in the closet or in your bedroom bathroom, not out in the open.

One guaranteed crowd-pleaser is a stocked home bar. Something about their being a home bar, and by that I mean something that is more than a cabinet with a couple bottles of liquor and wine, really gets people’s juices flowing. You don’t even need to build a gigantic fully stocked home bar, just something with the “bar essentials” that can be placed in the corner or a back of a room or salon. Once that’s done, a simple cocktail recipe book and a little common sense is all you need. Here are the basics for a small bar at home.

Beer, Lager(refrigerate)
Blended whiskey or Rye
Red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and/or dry French
Rum, light
Sherry, dry
Tequila, white
Triple Sec
Vermouth, dry and sweet
Vodka(keep in freezer)
White wine, dry French or California chardonnay(refrigerate)

Cranberry juice
Diet soda
Ginger ale
Grapefruit juice
Lemon juice
Lemon-lime soda
Lime juice
Orange juice
Sparkling water
Tomato juice
Tonic water

Angostura bitters
Bar sugar
Black pepper
Cocktail Olives
Maraschino cherries
Tabasco sauce
Worcestershire sauce

Brandy sniffer
Champagne flute
Cocktail glass
Highball glass
Old-Fashioned glass
Pilsner glass
Wine goblet

Bar spoon
Bottle opener
Citrus reamer
Measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Mixing glass
Paring Knife
Standard shaker


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Write Down your Dreams



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Charisma 101: How to remember their name

There is nothing more endearing, charming, and impressive than remembering one’s name. It is a proven fact that no word elicits such a positive response, such a feeling of euphoria and acceptance, than hearing one’s own name. Despite this powerful psychological tool, almost everyone is terrible at remembering names. How many times have you been introduced to someone, only to forget their name moments later?


It’s not your fault, it’s human nature. We remember faces instinctively. It times back to when we were cavemen and remembering an enemies face was often the difference between life or death.

But names, however, are a relatively new phenomena, one not necessarily tied to survival. It is however, a skill that can be the difference between nailing a job interview or being unemployed, getting her number or getting her back, the modern man’s life or death.


Well as an evolving gentlemen, and reader of THS, we are about to make this faux-pas, a thing of the past- for you and your social life.

In social settings, we don’t like introductions from the start of conversation. If possible, post-pone it. Whether you are at a networking event, a soirée, or other social situation involving several people, introductions before conversations tend to be forgettable by nature as half the people are you talk to will be boring by nature.

Be nice to everyone, but you’re struggling to remember names, we’re going to filter some people out to make it easier for you. Let’s only focus on the people you truly want to befriend.


So what do you do?

First you must become a genuinely interested listener. You must actively listen in the conversation, rather than just waiting for your turn to talk. That way when you finally ask for their name it doesn’t just go in one ear and out the other. This is a skill that takes years to practice, but probably one of the most important skills you will ever learn in your life.

“You will gain more friends in two months by becoming interested in others, than two years trying to get others interested in you.”

Ok awesome, you have their name. Don’t forget it now! What do you do?

1.) 90% of the time it’s going to be a common name. In fact, you probably already know someone by the same name. We’ll use “Christie” as an example.

I want you to picture your new friend Christie doing something crazy with the Christie you already know. Sky-diving, robbing a bank together, making out, it doesn’t matter what it is, all that matters is that you associate your new friend with a familiar face. The name will come to you almost instantly whenever you need it.

Ok Christie. I've got the guard. Grab the money

Ok Christie. I've got the guard. Grab the money

2.) If the name is uncommon, ask for a spelling and then make up your own visual association. You are going to need to get creative with this one. For example: my name is Ayman, very weird, very uncommon, very exotic. I introduce people by saying:

“My name is Ayman, like Cayman Islands without the C.”

I think every single person I’ve used that line with has remembered my name. I don’t know if they associate me with a tropical paradise, but I’ve engaged their memory and made sure my name wasn’t another word falling on deaf ears.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as accommodating so you will need to make up your own visualizations. Get creative. What’s important is that you take a conscience effort to try and remember the name. If you do that, you’re already 80% ahead of the game.

Never again will you shy away from a business connection because you’re too embarrassed to ask for his name again, never again will you fumble your words in chance bumpings with acquaintances. This is your court and you will command it.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Hail Mary: The conversation went great, you’ve created a great business contact and plan to meet up for lunch, or finally asked for a girl’s number, you can’t screw it up now by asking for their name again. Here’s what you do:


As you’re entering their info in your phone, use this line:

“How do you spell your name?”

or if you’re certain their name is pretty common you can say

“Is your name spelled the normal way?”

Either way they will spell their name out for you so you can punch it into your phone.

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How to Protect Yourself Before a Street Fight

You hit on his girl. You spilled a drink on his shirt. The economy. Whatever the reason, you’ve got a screaming match on your hands- and the guy is a lot bigger than you. Well the first thing you should try to do is avoid the fight to begin with. Unless you know you can fight, you can get seriously hurt or even killed  by messing with the wrong guy. Especially that everyone and their mother trains in an MMA gym now.

-So reason with the guy.

-Divert his attention- “Oh my bad for stepping on your feet, damn those are nice shoes, are they Bally?”

-Offer to get him a replacement beer. $5 bucks and your pride are not worth a night in the hospital.

Now if none of those work and he’s still livid from hell to high water. You can either sucker punch him while his jaw is yapping as hard as you can and hope you knock him out, perform a flying arm bar, or weather the storm.

Non-threatening but still read

Non-threatening but still ready

Standing with your arms folded scratching your chin does not signal that you are willing to fight. But in case he throws a haymaker your arm is up and ready to block and deliver a devastating counter elbow to the jaw.

elbow to the temple

Then when he’s on the ground peacefully sleeping, you can down your beer, grab your coat and casually walk out.

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How to get into any club

There’s nothing more embarrassing then showing up to a club and getting rejected at the door. Or so we hear, it’s never actually happened to us at THS.

You can’t dress up like a DJ every night, or can you? Well now you can learn from the pros on how to get into any nightclub.

Bring girls

No bouncer wants to let in 5 guys out for a night of dancing. It ruins the ratio inside the club, makes him look like a chump, and there are way more beautiful women outside that he will surely pick over you. So do yourself a favor and bring girls with you, even if they’re just friends. Keep the ratio at least 1:1 and push to the front of the crowd. No bouncer is going to pick you to get in, if you’re all the way in the back.

Hail Mary: So you’re in the parking lot and it resembles your 4 on 4 flag football game with blazers- chat up the group of girls in the parking lot and ask them which club they’re going to. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll let you tag along all the way inside of the club. Leave them alone once you get in though- groups of girls in clubs are just looking to dance- none of them are going to get with you. That won’t stop the millions of other guys in the club from trying though.

Get on the list

Learn who the head promoter is. Every club now has a million flyer boys who have no pull, and couldn’t get Michael Jackson into the club if they dragged him in (too soon?). So go up the chain of command, and find out who runs the promotion for the night- he’s usually the guy with 4000 friends on his facebook and no real friends in real life. At the very least find out who’s running the door, what he looks like, and call on him by name. Point to the girls you’re with and escort everyone in your group into the club.

Dress Appropriately

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Divide and Conquer

Sometimes, you have to just split up. It’s a lot easier letting in 2 guys, than it is 5.

Arrive Early

It’s a lot better to be waiting inside of a club for 45 minutes, than it is to be waiting outside for 15. No-one cares that you show up fashionably late. Also, there’s probably open bar- take advantage.

If all else fails- buy a bottle

Buying a bottle is probably one of the biggest wastes of money known to man. If you know a promoter well enough, he’ll probably give you one for free. Or if you’re crafty enough, you can sneak one in your back pocket and sip from it in the bathroom.

But it will do one thing– get you, and all your boys inside. Split the cost so you regret it less at the end of the night when you realize clubs aren’t that cool anyway.


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How to Shine your Shoes- Properly

“Shoes are the first thing people notice.”

This cliché is arguably the most overused fashion advice when it comes to men. Despite this, men often neglect the choice and care of their footwear. The longevity and beauty of a man’s shoes is first determined by the quality of the shoe itself. However, once a quality shoe is acquired, proper care must be administered to ensure not only that the beauty of the shoe is enhanced, but the life of the shoe is extended.


Choosing a quality shoe:

Contrary to popular belief it does not take 400 dollars plus to purchase a quality bench-crafted Italian made shoe. At rare times these shoes are discounted anywhere for 20-50% allowing you, the consumer, to build an impressive collection at a fraction of the cost. Develop a relationship with your local shoe salesman and you’ll never pay full price again. Choose a shoe from a reputable brand with a leather sole and attractive shape (never square toe or thick rubber soled) and you’ll be on your way to starting your shoe collection. Additionally a leather sole molds to your foot, and becomes increasingly glove like over time. Install toe taps in your shoes approximately six-twelve months after purchasing to help further reduce wear on your shoes.


Caring for the Shoe:

Congratulations! You’ve just made a substantial step in improving your wardrobe. One of the simplest but often most unappreciated step is using full cedar shoe trees. Inserting them while your shoes are still sweaty is crucial to removing excess perspiration from the leather before it gets absorbed. Sweat is acidic which breaks down the leather thus making it softer and more susceptible to wrinkling. If you wear oxfords often, make sure you have a selection to cycle through to avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row. Shoe trees require a day to fully cure the leather and wearing a shoe the following day can shorten the life of a shoe drastically and create additional premature wrinkles in the leather. When the shoe tree gets old and loses its aromatic properties just rub it down with smooth grit sandpaper to rejuvenate its properties. This step alone will improve the life and beauty of the shoe by several years.

Shoe-treesShining Your Shoes:

Nothing is more impressive than a freshly shined pair of shoes. Shined shoes not only look great but they repel scuffs better. For this reason I always recommend to shine a brand new pair of shoes before you even wear them. This way if you scrape the shoe, you only scuff the polish and not the leather.

Saddle Soap:

This is the first step in shining your new shoes. This removes any old dust, wax, polish, and residue from the leather giving you a clean slate to work with. Applying polish over polish diminishes the shine and clogs the leather. Use a small horse hair applicator; lather the soap using a circular motion and water. Be very generous and get the leather extremely soapy. Avoid using on light colored shoes as this is a harsh product and will strip some colors. As with all products, apply on one shoe then apply on the other shoe before wiping the soap off both shoes with an old t-shirt or cloth in the same order.

Fiebings Saddle Soap

Leather Lotion:

Wax-less Leather Care or Leather Lotion is one of the most beneficial products to leather on the market today. It moisturizes and rejuvenates the color of leather shoes. People often forget that leather is a skin and needs moisture to retain its vigor. Use this product generously and often, even in-between shines, to help prolong the life of your upper shoe. Apply this product with an old t-shirt or even your fingers and allow it to air dry into the leather.


Shoe Polish:

Now that the leather is clean and primed it is ready to accept the shoe polish. Always test the color on the tongue or another inconspicuous spot to ensure a match of color. Apply in a circular motion with an old t-shirt, applicator, or finger to the shoe starting from the front and working your way completely around the shoe. Remove the laces if necessary and ensure you coat the entire shoe in a light film of polish. Allow the polish to dry to a haze while you polish the other shoe. Use a large horse hair brush to remove the haze from the first shoe, and work your way from the front to the back. Pay close attention to the toe and heel as this is the most noticed parts of a shoe. The longer your brush the shoe, the shinier it will get so brush until you get the desired effect.

Wax Polish:

If you want to achieve an even more impressive shine, using a solid wax polish is the best way to achieve a mirror shine. Never use liquid wax as this dries out leather and causes it to crack. Ignite the wax block on fire, or use the heat from your finger to soften the paste and apply with your finger in a circular motion. Use sparingly as wax polish dries quick. Apply in a circular motion in the same manner as the shoe polish and buff away. Once again the longer you brush the shinier the shoe will get. Some leathers will marbleize if you use a rag to wipe down the leather after your finished buffing it. Then again sometimes the shine smears if you try to use a rag. It comes with experience and you can truly enhance the shine by using a shine rag to buff the leather after your finished brushing it.


Edge Dressing:

The icing on the cake, edge dressing, colors in the sides of your leather soles to make them look brand new. Truly a step that should not be missed, edge dressing, makes a shoe look better than brand new. Edge dressing can also be used to color in deep scuff marks that polish or wax can’t cover up. Edge dressing is completely optional however, and does not affect the longevity of the shoe. Regardless of the steps you take, by now the shine should be mirror bright and impressive enough for any corporate meeting.


If there is one category in your wardrobe worth investing in, it’s your footwear. If you take care of your feet, they will take care of you. Both in terms of comfort and in corporate clout. Your friends will never understand-or even notice the quality footwear completing your outfit, but your boss’ boss will.


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