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Wild Boar Hunting in Tuscany, Italy

We know that when we mention Italy you immediately conjure images of a gondola ride in Venice, a tour of the Coliseum, or snapping that famous picture of you pretending to hold up The Leaning Tower of Pisa (you’re so clever).

You never thought of going wild boar hunting. Which is exactly why you should.

Noone wants to hear the boring story of how you sampled the finest wine on earth, or you saw the Ferrari museum. They want to hear how you went toe-to-toe with a wild boar (with 6 inch tusks, right? right?) and took it down in one of the most culture rich countries known to man, brought it back and cooked a giant feast for the entire village.

Rules are you must bring your own rifle (check the site on how to get your Red Ryder across the border). After that, there are no rules.

You follow a master boar tracker who will use the boar’s tree rubbings, hoof tracks, and his best John Locke impression to lead you to a clear shot of the wild beast. Sounds like a great male bonding experience if I ever heard of one.

trophy_wild_boar_hunting_2Kind of puts to shame that “epic” trip the strip club you had last month, doesn’t it?

Timon and Pumba Sighting not Guaranteed

Timon and Pumba Sighting not Guaranteed

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