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Nike Air Max LeBron VII


King James will return to his court October 27, and he’ll be wearing these. Designed specifically for LeBron James, the Nike Air Max LeBron VII ($160; October 24) is the company’s most advanced hoops shoe yet. It features a new custom Max 360 Air sole with 80 percent more air than the previous full-length unit, strategically contoured with a thinner forefoot and deeper heel to put the cushioning where it’s needed most. For even more comfort and stability, it features Nike Flywire tensile fiber technology, a seamless integrated bootie, various visual hints to LeBron all over, and a full-grain leather upper with patent leather detailing throughout. –Via


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Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver

No matter if you’re pushing, slicing, fading, hooking, pulling, or drawing, this driver will have your shot fixed in no time. The Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver($300), available in a traditional round head or square-shape (shown), gives you eight different head positions in one club, letting you adjust face angle, lie angle, and loft for dramatically improved ball flight. The shaft on the STR8-FIT is Nike’s UST Proforce AXIV Core, which features a strengthening core material for greater impact and faster swings.


The driver also features a new 360° grip design for any grasp. Our Nike SQ Dymo Squared STR8-FIT definitely added several yards to our used-to-be-pathetic drives the first time we took it out. (It’s also making the TaylorMade R9 look a little wimpy.) But don’t take our word for it — Nike STR8-FIT technology has already won at Augusta.


BUY IT Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver

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The hardest and easiest way to win a fight.

If fighting techniques had a Hollywood, then let me tell you that The Flying Armbar would definitely be an A-lister. It’s a variation of the judo move juji-gatame which, despite its fancy name is simply an arm lock where you secure an opponents wrist and arm by squeezing it through your thighs and pulling. Take the simple effectiveness of such move and then force-feed it dynamite, and that is what the flying armbar is like. By tightly holding the opponent’s neck and arm, the attacker puts one of his or their shins against the opponents midsection, and leans up on the opponent; at the same time, the attacker swings the leg on the same side as the opponent’s collar tie over the opponents head. Game over.

This is the type of move that either makes or breaks a fight. Very tricky to pull off, attempting it could leave you vulnerable from several angles. Successfully pulling it off means your opponent has two options: submit immediately or get their arm broken and then submit. Size and strength can affect how easy the move is pull off, they mean little once the move is accomplished.


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Welcome to The Haute Spot

Ralph Lauren Black Label 2009 Collection

Ralph Lauren Black Label 2009 Collection

Hello and Thank you for visiting The Haute Spot dot com. This blog will attempt to keep you updated on the latest men’s fashion, gadgets, technology, and gear for the affluent lifestyle. We will update periodically so be sure to bookmark us and check back often.

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