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The Haute Spot

Thank you for visiting The Haute Spot. We pride ourselves in providing the best insider information on all things “MAN” from travel advice to fashion tips, sexy cars and sexier boats, nightlife and the highlife.

Catering to the affluent young male, we strive to insure that we never steer you wrong.

Hello Status, Goodbye Quo.

Building a better man, one post at a time.

The men behind the site:

Ayman Al-Abdullah

n18719115_36237886_4867Ayman Al-Abdullah is what many would call a student of the Earth. Having been born in the war-torn region of the Middle-East  as an Arabian Thoroughbred; he came into the world kicking and screaming, and by how dangerously he’s been living–seems intent on  leaving it the same way. He has lived in remote regions of Europe, Australia, Russia, and the Western Adirondacks. He is a self-taught survivalist having braved four bear maulings, a shark attack, and a near fatal scuffle with an armidillo. He is rumored to have once gone to bed with two women, and woken up with four.  Lebron James has quoted; “We pretty much have the same body style, actually, other than the fact that I’m really good at basketball, we’re pretty much the same person.”

He has never done the YMCA, or ridden on a Razor. He has however quelled a hostage negotiation by sacrificing himself in exchange for the victims- it was then that the perpetrators became so enamored by his charm, they broke down crying and surrendered immediately. The word “ubiquitous” was invented to describe his charisma, after no other word could come close. His blessing is the only reason anyone has ever won the Brickyard 400. David Tyree was rumored to get a pep talk moments before his famous Super Bowl Catch- despite the fact that Ayman is a huge Eagles fan. His sweat is the secret ingredient in Axe, Old Spice Swagger, and Gatorade. His posts are so well written, they inspired Pulitizer himself. It is for this very reason you should bookmark this site. Do it, or else. And by “else” we mean certain death.

Martin Balerdi


Martin Balerdi is a relatively new writer from Miami and the only reason you haven’t heard of him is because he is twice as quiet as a cobra hiss and four times as deadly. He subsists on a diet of sushi, gourmet cheeses, booze, and pure badassery( which is code for more booze and a little reckless driving). Martin loves all thing steel and sharp and full of loose women and cheap import beers. He is an aficionado of fine beers and wines and prides himself on being able to drink an entire gallon of anti-freeze without succumbing to rectal failure. His opinions are so weighted with facts and well-thought reasoning that they are what actually sunk the Titanic. Which is why you should listen to him. Forever.


We love to hear from our visitors. Please feel free to contact us if you have any recommendations to the site or would like to suggest an article.

We reply to all emails. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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9 responses to “About Us

  1. litzalefebre

    What a wonderful website. Great job :)!

  2. Jamie

    Love this website- witty, fun, insightful and Style Crave is on the blog roll so I know you have good taste!

  3. Victor Espinosa

    Bad ass site. Wish you nothing but success. phi phi

  4. Victor Espinosa

    Bad ass site. Wish you nothing but the best. phi phi

  5. amber

    great site! super entertaining!

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