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Mezlan Julian


These shoes are for the hardcore gentleman, they are sleek, stylish, and made up of the skins of animals. The Julian features both antiqued calf and genuine crocodile uppers for a look that is amazingly traditional and modern at the same time. The multiple overlays and that modern square toe mesh very well with the classic oxford styling. These are great shoes to hit the town or wear at the office, unless your bars and offices are staffed by baby cows and alligators.

I’d probably wear these sucker at the zoo and even the animals would give me props. Well, at least the cool carnivorous animals and the dangerous herbivores, probably not so much the pansy prey animals. The Julian comes in both black and brown, either of which can easily assimilate itself seamlessly into any ensemble. So you if can get over the guilty twinge at wearing animal skins, these are a great addition to any closet.
They retail for about $200.
Get them here.


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