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Fight Night Round 4- A flop?

Like any blue-blooded American, we were as excited for Fight Night Round 4 as the next guy. We got a hold of it last night for $60, and our initial impression- slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I notice, and appreciate the added realism.

Reach plays a greater role and make every fighter feel different. Speed and power is noticeable from one fighter to the next. The physics engine, that made certain movements in Round 3 unrealistically fast, has been cleaned up. But for some reason I feel like they not only improved what was “bad” about the last version, but scrapped everything that was good about Round 3 too.


Knockouts were easier to come by, you now have to fight at least 5 rounds to get one. Counter punches were much easier to execute. Even something as small as an entrance sequence, we found ourselves missing.

But what we found the most aggrivating was the fact that they got rid of our favorite configuration 3 that used buttons instead of the cumbersome analog control to throw punch. Sure it prevents us from button-mashing. But if button-mashing is what we want to do then let us do it. At least give us the option. I can understand making us use the joysticks for  harder punches and haymakers, but to cram this system down our throat is a big mistake and hurts the franchise.

We get it, this video game is more real then Round 3. But at what expense? What’s next? I get pulled over every time I run a red light in GTA, or killed every time I get shot once in Call of Duty. Sometimes things are better left unrealistic for the sake of enjoyment. We will be returning this game, and although we will miss playing as Ali or Tyson, we’ll enjoy the fun of Round 3 a lot more.

It’s a solid game- but we recommend you rent before you buy. Just in case you agree with us.

BUY IT Fight Night Round 4 $60



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