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Pocket Polka


For years, discerning men of taste have carried handkerchiefs on their person. Now a silk handkerchief is a great way to not look like a repugnant degenerate when sneezing in public, wiping one’s sweaty face on a hot day, or blowing one’s nose. To all my neighborhood street pugilists, a handkerchief can easily substitute as a bandage for a minor injury. One could argue that handkerchiefs are unhygienic, but you can easily solve this problem by buying a few spares to account for laundry turnover; furthermore, handkerchiefs are more environmentally conscious than paper ones, making it a great conversation topic with an eco-loving hottie.

Not only are they a great way for a gentleman to handle his hygiene with style, a good looking silk hanky can add a little something extra to any ensemble. Put it in the breast pocket of your jacket or coat to put a finishing touch to a formal outfit, or in the breast pocket of a nice short-sleeve shirt to add some more presence to your person when at a casual gathering. I wouldn’t even worry so much about matching it with your clothes, you want eyes to wander to your breast pocket. I love this simple polka dot handkerchief, I find the white on blue droll as hell. The handkerchief is a timeless accessory for any man, be it for style or hygiene.
This hanky from Aspinal of London is only $20.
Get one here.



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